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Atomineer Pro Documentation Development Summary

This extension was first created in 1996 (Visual C++ 4.0), and has been evolving and improving through constant use by software professionals ever since. It is currently compatible with all versions of Visual Studio from 2005 to the present. More recent developments are listed below...

February 2024

  • Added support for Visual Studio 2022 on ARM64 - Atomineer cn now be used on Parallels for Macs.

January 2024

  • Maintenance release

December 2023

  • C# 12 - added primary constructor support

October 2023

  • Added support for C# top-level statements, which could confuse the 'Doc All' batch-processing commands.
  • Fixed an issue parsing left shift operators in enumerated type values that could lead to the value not being documented.
  • Exposed some additional variables for use in Parameters rules

August 2023

  • Added support for ArgumentNullException.ThrowIfNull()
  • XML entity conversions (if enabled) are now applied to variables that are set from within the Rules.
  • Fixed a preferences glitch that incorrectly excluded some formatting options for NaturalDocs comments.
  • Improved handling of #pragma warning diretives when used to surround method declarations.
  • The process all in chosen files 'Add file header' option was not overriding the general 'add file header' preference while batch processing.

May 2023

  • Added support for C# discard parameters.
  • When documenting parameters, the method return value and argument list are now available for use in documentation rules.
  • Resolved xml-entity handling edge-case when updating existing documentation containing malformed cref attributes.

February 2023

  • Updated Add Property to handle nullable types.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause custom rule paths to be ignored
  • Improved matching algorithm for Align into Columns, in particular for cases involving generics and tmeplates.
  • Added word-wrap orphan control for punctuation following XML elements

January 2023

  • Improved parsing of optional parameter literals.
  • Additional support for C# nullable types.
  • Added support for C# 'required' keyword.

November 2022

  • Fixed an issue that caused comment background colouring to be non-functional in VS2022.
  • Improved detection of auto-generated files in Doc All in Project/Solution.

September 2022

  • Improvements to documentation duplication to improve performance and improve C++ intellisense reliability.
  • Improved handling of enumeration values annotated with attributes, in both the once-off and batched commands.
  • Added support for nullable references in C# Event handlers.

August 2022

  • Fixed an issue in VB parsing that sometimes caused thrown exceptions to not be documented.

June 2022

  • Updated rules to handle C# nullables correctly.

April 2022

  • Added support for positional paramters in records, record classes and record structs.

March 2022

  • Support for C# 11 syntax.
  • Fix for a case of incorrect word wrapping within XML elements inlined within documentation entries.
  • Internal portability refactoring.

February 2022

  • Small improvements in batch processing

January 2022

  • Happy New Year!
  • Improvements to support for 'record', 'record class' and 'record struct'.
  • Fixed a parsing issue involving the 'unsafe' keyword.
  • Fixed two parsing failures relating to long strings encountered within method or variable declarations.

December 2021

  • Fixed a Visual Studio Installer build issue in the VS2022 Trial version that caused menu items to be hidden.
  • Resolved an issue in VS2022 that could stop the Documentation Viewer window opening successfully.
  • Small tweaks to the preferences dialog.

November 2021

  • Replaced use of an unsupported method in VS2022 that sometimes caused duplication of documentation to fail.
  • Updated the User Manual with information relating to VS2022 installation and locations.
  • Visual Studio 2022 Release Atomineer is now built against the release Visual Studio packages.
  • Fixed a regression where StyleCop comments were injecting fully qualified classnames. StyleCop comments will now use <:see> references to the classname by default.

October 2021

  • Upgraded to the latest VS2022 libraries.
  • Fixed a potential Visual Studio lock-up bug.

September 2021

  • Added support for the Message methods called on Unity3D MonoBehaviour-derived classes.
  • Further testing in VS2022 (Previews up to 4.1).

August 2021

  • Added support for declaring class members using javascript/typescript arrow function syntax.
  • Further testing in VS2022 previews.

August 2021

  • Critical Update. Discovered and fixed an issue introduced into the installer by the VS2022 upgrade. This could cause multiple instances of Atomineer to be shown in the Tools > Extensions list. All variants of Atomineer 10.23 were unfortunately affected by this issue.

    If you installed 10.23, please uninstall all copies of Atomineer that are listed in Visual Studio's Tools > Extensions dialog (there may be one or two instances shown) before installing 10.24 or later. Note that uninstalling and reinstalling Atomineer is safe, and will automatically preserve all your preferences and customisations. This repair will be necessary for all versions of Visual Studio (2019 and earlier as well as 2022). This repair process will only need to be used to upgrade from 10.23 - future versions will upgrade automatically as normal.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • The installer now includes a Beta version of Atomineer for Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2. Please let us know if you notice any behaviour that is inconsistent with previous versions.
  • Fixed 'immutable' description prefix, which could be added multiple times when descriptions were started on a new line.

June 2021

  • 'Add C# Property' now has an extra generation stage, which converts 'set => SetProperty()' into an 'if (SetProperty()) ...' block, allowing you to then fill in further actions to be applied after the property is changed.
  • Atomineer will now inform you automatically when new versions of Atomineer are released, by popping up a Visual Studio notification bar with options to see the change log or open the website login page. You can also opt out of notifications from this bar.

April 2021

  • Fixed some side effects of macro pre-processing in cases where entire macro declarations were being removed during a batch processing pass.
  • Improved the mechanisms used for identification of enum members.
  • Upgraded parsing algorithms to provide more robust handling of edge cases involving declarations spanning multiple lines.
  • Website account management improvements

March 2021

  • The Documentation Editor now supports <see href=''> and <see langword=''> references. langword references for the most common symbols can be inserted from the editor's context menu when opened from description text.
  • Fixed a documentation syncing issue in the Documentation Editor that could occasionally cause menu choices to have no effect.

February 2021

  • Improved documentation for immutable (const, readonly) members
  • Doc All in Solution/Project will now skip C++ header files. Use Process All in Chosen Files if you wish to include headers in batch processing.
  • Doc All in Chosen Files now has an option to skip C++ header files.
  • Fixed a bug in Doc All in Chosen Files that could cause some options not to be applied to the processing.
  • Fixed a website issue that was causing download problems

Older versions

Details of versions from 2009 to this date are archived here

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