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Atomineer - Company Information

Visual Studio Partner Atomineer
26 Lower Weald,
Milton Keynes,
MK19 6EQ,
United Kingdom.

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Atomineer does not charge VAT, but is registered in the UK (VAT registration number 204 9393 09).
Tax documents such as W-8BEN for USA are available on request.

Our D-U-N-S company registration is 218783725.

Atomineer was established in 2001.

Atomineer - General Policies

Support and Enquiries
We endeavour to answer all sales and support queries within 24 hours (7 days a week).

We are usually able to resolve installation and configuration problems within 24 hours, and most small feature requests and bug fixes are turned around within 1-2 days. If you don't hear back from us within this time frame, please repeat your query as sometimes emails are lost in transit.

Privacy (GDPR)
Atomineer records the following minimal information relating to our customers:

  • We use the customer's email address as an administrative website login for support/downloads. This address will be deleted when the account is closed.
  • All email correspondence is archived.

None of this information will be shared with third parties. We do not hold any other information. In particular:

  • We use PayPal to conduct all our credit card transactions - we do not have access to, or record, any credit card details.
  • Our website does not hold any name or address information.

Repair policy
If a customer discovers a fault in the software during their Support Plan period, Atomineer offers email support, and will attempt to find a solution for the fault. This may involve working with the customer to devise a workaround, or providing a software modification, at Atomineer's discretion.

Refund policy
Atomineer offers a free trial version of our software, which provides customers the ability to extensively evaluate the software before they make any decision to purchase. Due to this the software is considered to have been 'opened' at the moment it is downloaded, and therefore non-returnable.

Customers may cancel a completed purchase prior to downloading the software, in which case a refund will be provided.

If, within 30 days of purchase, a customer reports a serious technical problem that cannot be resolved within the following 15 days, Atomineer may, at our sole discretion, offer a refund. In this case the license(s) will become void and the customer must agree to immediately cease using the software, and uninstall and destroy all copies of the software in their possession.

The amount of any refund will be limited to the funds received by Atomineer for the original purchase, less any charges incurred by Atomineer in returning them, and subject to the effects of any currency conversion rates that apply at the time of the refund. Atomineer will not refund any additional charges that may have been levied by any third parties involved in the transaction.

Atomineer - EULA

Please see the Atomineer Pro Documentation EULA

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